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Dandelion Wine is a filk duet from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada made up of :
Dave and Tom belt one out at the Bhigg House
Tom with Mandolin at a con
Tom Jeffers
vocals, guitar, cittern, bass, dulcimer and mandolin
you can e-mail Tom at: tomjeffers AT rogers.ca
Decadent Dave Clement
Dave Clement in red shirt and vest
Dave Clement and Tom Jeffers are the current composition of Dandelion Wine
vocals, guitar, percussion
and whistles
John, Tom, Cheryl and Dave in a black and white photo
you can e-mail Dave at:

The Band Dandelion Wine got its start back in 1985 at a local science fiction convention where we went under the name "Prairie Wind" and experimented with something new called "Filk Music".

Succumbing to pressure from our fans in both Winnipeg and the U.S., we released our first album "Circles in the Grain" in 1992 and changed our name to "Dandelion Wine" after the now famous book by Ray Bradbury.

The "Dandelion" is also the symbol of Filk Music, so it won over the band's votes beating out "Alien Kelp Farmers" suggested by Tom (Now you know why Tom's recording studio is called "AKF"). The album contained half filk and half folk music and was recorded in Winnipeg and produced and mastered by Bill Roper of Dodeka Records in Chicago.

1994 marked another milestone in the band's career having played filk and folk music at the Winnipeg Folk Festival, performing Kathy Mar's "Drink Up The River" for ex-president Jimmy Carter and his wife (who got up and danced to the song) and the release of our 2nd CD "Cheap Hooch". The Cd was recorded and produced here in Winnipeg by a wonderful producer "Dan Donahue".

In 1995 John Speelman and Cheryl Miki left the band due to medical and family reasons and Tom Jeffers and Dave Clement made the decision to carry on as a duet. To date we have performed in Canada, the U.S. and England and are working on our next CD.

We hope you enjoy our site, take a listen to our music, check out our other band "Curraugh" and send us a message.

To all our friends and supporters around the world, "The Worlds Too Big", "We Love You".

"Viele Gruesse und Umarmungen an unsere deutschen Freunde. Wir hoffen, dass Euch unsere Website gefaellt und dass wir Euch alle bald wiedersehen. Die Welt ist zu gross. Wir lieben Euch."

Tom & Dave

John, Tom , Cheryl, and Dave were Dandelion Wine from 1985 to 1995
Circles in the Grain CD Cover
Cheap Hooch CD Cover
Cheryl and John on guitar, Dave on pennywhistle, Tom on electric bass
Drawing of Dandelion Wine
Reversed out from the back of the Cheap Hooch CD
Art by Erin McKee
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You can read a conversation with Tom and Dave about how Dandelion Wine got their name...
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